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The Linksys first introduce the best routers now they also introduce the many models of the Linksys extenders and its web domain is EXTENDER.LINKSYS.COM.It packed with many features andcomes with the spot finder technology, you can easily get the spot where the network signals are strong, there you can put your extender easily. It comes with the gigabit ethernet port and it means you get the ten times better network in your area. There are no dead points in your home. It has also WPS button and also the reset button. Mostly models cover the ten square feet of the home.


You can also easily set up your Linksys wifi range extender and easily reach any area through a wired or wireless connection. The use can easily set up your Linksys wifi range extender manually and , needs to follow these points ;

Linksys Extender configuration
    • Firstly, Plug in your extender to power outlet.
    • Now for Linksys extender setup, type in the address bar.
    • If the Linksys setup page doesn’t come up, change the browser.
    • On the Linksys extender setup page, it will ask you how you would like to configure Linksys Extender.
    • Hit Range extender option or Access point according to your needs.
    • or Extender.linksys.setup page sometimes goes off in between, for that refresh the browser.
    • Follow the online instructions and your Linksys extender setup will be completed.
  • Lastly, After Setup Extender.linksys.setup .page will close automatically.
  •  If you need CHAT WITH US.


The user can easily set up their Linksys wifi range extender with the WPS button.Now as you plug in the extender to the wall the light blinks to green for few second then turn amber after that. As soon as the light turn amber push the wps on the router and on the extender for 2-3 seconds.Then the extender start catching the configuration settings and light on extender turned solid green. In a moment your linksys extender is ready to use.  If you need support CHAT WITH US.

Linsksy Extender WPS Button Setup


You can easily update the firmware of your Linksys wifi range extender.

  •  First, you can attach your Linksys wifi range extender with your computer.
  • After this you can launch the web browser, here you can enter the www or you can enter the IP address of the Linksys range extender.
  • Here you need to enter the username and the password, here the username is admin and the password is password.
  • Now you can click on the advanced settings, and select the option of the firmware update.
  • After a couple of minutes, you get the latest firmware with many advance features and also the security patches.


The user can face so many problems, like not able to access the web domain, or not able to access the login page. Sometimes they also face issues in the setup. After the following steps you are not able to fix the issue then there is a need for the reset of your extender. It is a very simple process, you only need to Locate the reset button on your Linksys wifi range extender. Now press and hold the reset button down for 10-20 seconds, then release the button to allow the extender to reset back to factory settings.  If you need support CHAT WITH US.


If the user not able to log on to the Linksys wireless range extender with the

If you are not able to access the for the login then there is following some reasons ;

  • You have not connected the device properly.
  • Your Linksys range extender was not able to get the internet properly.
  • First, you need to check that your computer is properly attached to the Linksys wifi range extender.
  •  You can make sure that you are attached to the SSID of your Linksys range extender and also check on your computer ‘s wireless utility and they display the SSID of your computer.
  • The user needs to check that LED light of the range extender.
  • First, you disconnect your extender then again attached to the power supply.LED light starts blinking it means there is a stable connection.
  • Now you can also do the ping test to check the attachment between the computer and the range extender.
  • If using the above-mentioned steps you are not able to access the web domain then there is need of the reset.

If you are facing the problems in the Linksys wifi range extender then you can easily check these steps ;
  • First, you check that your router, extender and your computer is properly attached.
  • The power of the router is a must on.
  • Check that all devices connected with wireless properly.
  • Check that the link light of all devices is on and their color is on.
  • You can need to check that all devices share the same SSID and the Wired Equalivant Privacy
  • You can also change the web browser if you face it in your existing browser.
  • Open the web browser hee you need to enter the IP address of your Linksys extender.
  • Here you can enter the username and the password both are admins here.
  • Check your WEP is matches with your all devices.
  • You can also check the SSID of all devices is the same.
  • Your Linksys extender must be placed at the right place where no metal or glass objects are there.
  • If after all these steps you not able to fix the problem then there is need of the reset the Linksys extender.